How 1 on 1 Stretching can help prevent injury and improve recovery.

Achieving a certain degree of flexibility is absolutely critical for everyone and especially anyone involved in sports; otherwise there will be at some stage a breakdown in body tissues leading to an injury.

If you never stretch: it is only a matter of when you get injured, not if. In addition, if you are too tight in certain parts of your body, you are functioning below your real potential – remember that performance enhancement is the second very important reason to stretch: flexible muscles perform a lot better than tight muscles.

This also plays out in every-day life running around after your kids, lifting those boxes, reaching to pick up that thing that you dropped. The more mobile you are the better your chance of completing all these life activities without injury. Injury can lead to all sorts of life activities not being able to happen and prevention is faster and much more efficient than recovering so improve some sort of flexibility improving into your self care routine today. Assisted Stretching like the 1 on 1 Stretching you can do with Stretch Studio is a great way to improve flexibility, range of movement and releasing the tension and stress held in our muscles that comes with life. 

Anthony Mellick