11 Reasons 1 on 1 Stretching needs to become one of your self care habits.

Are tight muscles and increasingly slumped-forward posture thanks to your mobile phone, computer use and other work necessities making you feel years older than you really are? It's time to make lifestyle changes to turn back the clock. Poor posture and lack of flexibility can result in back or neck pain, and aside from getting a Hunchback like physique, daily activities can become more challenging and your risk of injuries increases. To avoid this, take steps to improve your range of motion and stand and walk tall so you feel more youthful and look your best every day.

Adding Assisted Stretching or 1 on 1 Stretching to your life has so many health benefits that really make it an essential part of you self care routine. Assisted Stretching is where a 'Flexologist' (Professional Assisted Stretcher) exerts gentle force upon the limb to move it into a new position, holding it for a specific amount of time in order to lengthen and stretch the muscle fibre and tissue. Helping reverse the negative lifestyle effects on our bodies. 11 of the many reasons 1 on 1 Stretching needs to become one of your self care habits are regular sessions will:

1. Improve your Posture

2. Relieve Stiffness

3. Reduce Pain

 4. Move Better

5. Increase your range of motion.

 6. Stand Straighter

 7. Improve Athletic Skills

 8. Injury Prevention

 9. Release past emotional pain

 10. Improve emotional wellbeing

 11. Improve Mobility

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Anthony Mellick